How to Choose The Perfect Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

Are you wondering how to best shape your eyebrows? Your face shape is super important if you want to create the perfect eyebrow shapes for your face.

It’s important to get this right.



If you have a round-shaped face, the sides of your face curve slightly outward, rather than being straight. Cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your chin is also rounded. 

Celebrities with round faces include Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis and Emma Stone.    

Goal: Your brows should work to elongate your face to make it appear less round. 

The perfect eyebrow shapes: Well defined brows are a must for a round-shaped face. High arches with vertical lines that follow straight to the peak of the arch work best.

Take the arch as high as possible - while still looking natural - to elongate the face. Steer clear of rounded brow shapes as this will only emphasise a round face more. 

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A wide forehead that strongly tapers toward a narrow chin is the key characteristic of a heart-shaped face. 

Celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Reece Witherspoon.

Goal: Your brow goal is to soften the lines of your face but work with your natural shape - emphasising the heart shape between your brows and chin. 

The perfect eyebrow shapes: A gentle, rounded brow works beautifully with a heart shape. Stick with a low, rounded arch for a more natural look or add length to a shorter heart-shaped face by arching the brow high. 

For perfect eyebrows for your heart-shaped face, book an appointment with Tarnee.


In terms of length and width, your face is very equal. Your chin is square and the forehead and jawline and similar in width. Basically, when you look at your face straight on, the curve of your jawline and sides of your forehead will form a square shape.  

Celebs with square face shapes include Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes and Rihanna.

Goal: You can either balance a strong, square jaw with a strong brow or soften it with curved eyebrows. 

The perfect eyebrow shapes: The best eyebrow shape for a square face is a thick, angular and well-defined shape. This will help balance a strong jaw and elongate the face. A softer curve also works well if you want to soften a heavier jawline.  

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Have an oval-shaped face? Lucky you! Often considered the ideal face shape, the oval face is already in proportion. This means you can pull off practically any makeup look!

Celebs with oval face-shapes include Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff

Goal: To follow the natural shape of your brow.

The perfect eyebrow shapes: Stick with naturally arched eyebrows and create a soft angled shape. The soft angled shape goes straight up to the peak and gently curves round at the top and down. 

For a more dramatic nighttime look, you might choose to slightly thicken and fill the lines but don’t go overboard. 

For perfect eyebrows for your oval-shaped face, book an appointment with Tarnee.



If you have a diamond face shape, your forehead and jawline are a similar width, cheekbones are high and angular with a pointed chin.

Celebs with diamond face shapes include Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick and Megan Fox

Goal: Diamond-shaped faces are wider and fuller so the goal is to minimise the widest areas, balance a narrow chin, and soften the lines of your face overall. 

The perfect eyebrow shapes: A curved brow does amazing things for a diamond shape. This subtle brow shape creates a nice balance between wide cheeks and forehead. Focus on creating a rounded arc towards the middle of the brow.

Or, you might take the other brow road and choose high, sharper arches. This will draw attention away from the bolder angles of your face. 

For perfect eyebrows for your diamond-shaped face, book an appointment with Tarnee.

How to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows 

Rule 1: Find the right place to start your brow. Lay an eyebrow pencil vertical along your nose - the point where it reaches the bridge of your nose is where the brow should begin.

Rule 2: The arch of your brow - whether it be angular or more curved and soft - should be around two-thirds of the way along your brow line, never in the centre.

Rule 3: Get the tail right. Place an eyebrow pencil in a line that runs from the outer side of your nostril to the corner of your eye. This is the ideal ending point for your brow. 

Brow Powder

Powder has a naturally soft, volumising effect. Fill in any sparse areas with brow powder - it helps set brow pencils to make the look last longer. Choose a colour close to your hair shade and use an angled brow brush to get the job done flawlessly. 

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Brow Highlighter

Highlighting the brow will define your eye area - making eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Boost the effect by placing a little highlight in the corner of the eyes as well as beneath the brow bone. Brow Pop is our go-to highlighter for eyebrow shapes and skin tones.

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