Brows Inglewood - VIC & Asquith - NSW

Brows Bendigo & Inglewood

Transforming brows since 2011. Eyebrows are unquestionably the most important feature on the face as it's the first thing people notice... so of course, they need to be perfect!

My aim is to take your brows from distant cousins to twins.

Each eyebrow service is individually customised using a three step mapping technique which is designed to create the perfect shaped brow for your face structure.

As with every service, I pride myself on using top quality products suitable for all skin types. Yes, even the most sensitive. As every individual has a different tolerance to heat, I apply a small sample of wax on the inner wrist before proceeding to the brows area. This ensures that you are completely comfortable during your treatment.

Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent dye that will change your brow hairs to a beautiful rich but natural colour while achieving that full crisp brow look we all want! It really does enhance, define and shape your brows perfectly. It’s kind of like icing on a cake.... But brows!